This article will cover the most popular operating systems, both overall and within a category, ie mobile or server. Information in this article is based on the StatCounter Global Stats Reports of August 2018.

For reference if needed, any time we say “OS” We are using this as short hand for “Operating System” Unless stated otherwise.

Android – Most Popular OS – 40.07% Share

Android is an operating system created and managed by Google, and has the benefit of being not just the most popular mobile phone operating system, having 27% higher market share to IOS, the other major Mobile Operating System but also the most popular Operating system in general, with the second most popular operating system, having around 4% less market share to android.

Out Of all the versions of Android,  version 6.X, which is also referred to as Marshmallow, is the most used with a market share of 22.43%

Windows – Most Popular Desktop OS – 36.56% Share

Windows, which is created and managed by Microsoft, is the most popular operating system running on desktop machines, with a far higher market share than its Max OS X (5.59%) and also Linux (0.74%).

Out of the people using Windows, the most popular version of Windows is Windows 10, which has a 49.98% market share when referring to all windows devices. This is likely due to Microsoft’s insistence to upgrade, giving people numerous upgrade paths and options, including a free upgrade to windows 10 for over a year if you were running Windows 7/8/8.1.

Linux – Most Popular Server OS – 68.2% Share

This shouldn’t be a surprise for most of you, since Linux, for the longest time, has really been the only viable operating system for anything server related, this is thanks to features such as headless mode which ensures servers run fast out of the box. There is also a lot of support on Linux compared to windows for servers.

The share we show above is exclusively for servers, and is from a separate resource, which is W3Techs, which scans the top 10 million domains on Alexa and sees what they are running.

Any server that is not running Unix/Linux is running Windows Server.

In terms of the most popular Distribution of Linux used for web servers, that would be Ubuntu, that has a 37.4% market share within Linux.

To Conclude

And those are the most popular operating systems in 2018! What these statistics show is that more people are using a mobile than ever before, with mobile now trumping desktop in terms of market share for consumer use.

in terms of server use, Linux is still far ahead of everything, and I imagine will be for a long time to come.

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