It is virtually every day that you use a search engine, whether its to find out some news or looking for something to help with your day, it is clear search engines are a core and integral part of our life.

But then the question becomes: what is the search engine I should use and what is the best search engine out there? We can’t really answer that, but if we base it on popularity, that can give us an idea.

Below are the most popular search engines in 2018 and their market share!

Google – 92.74% Market Share

Google is more or less synonymous with search nowadays, and it is strongly reflected within their market share, who virtually own the search engine market. The brand power is view-able every day, as when you want something, you “Google” it.

Yahoo! – 2.32% Market Share

Owning a much smaller market share which is mostly gained from download addons and marketed as the “secure search” within antivirus software such as McAfee.

Bing – 2.17% Market Share

A market share close to Yahoo, though equally insignificant compared to Google, Bing as a search engine has most of its market share on account of being the default search engine on Windows operating systems, which as our previous article showed, is the most popular operating system used nowadays.

Baidu – 0.81% Market Share

A search engine primarily used in Asia, Baidu has less than 1% global market share, which is fair considering that its primary focus is Asia.

Yandex RU – 0.6% Market Share

A search engine popular in Russia but slowly losing popularity year on year, Yandex RU has a market share of 0.6%.

DuckDuckGo – 0.32% Market Share

DuckDuckGo is a different type of search engine that puts privacy first, and is used a lot by people who want as little to do with Google as possible while also retaining their privacy, unfortunately DuckDuckGo hasn’t really received mainstream attention, but still has many users and a relatively small (at a measly 0.32% market share) but loyal user base.

and those are the most popular search engines within 2018! We hope you found this article useful, it is worth noting that while a search engine may be more popular than another, that doesn’t necessarily mean its the best, but then for most peoples needs, Google as a search engine is definitely the best in terms of options and relevance.

The data for this was sourced by StatCounter Global Stats, specifically their 2018 Search Engine Wordwide data.

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