there are many C# frameworks out there, and knowing the best to work with can take lots of time and effort. This article aims to tell you some of the best frameworks out there for both front and back end development!

Front End Developer


Sass (Syntactically Amazing Style Sheets) is an extension to CSS. It’s CSS since it must have been. Its key features are the capability to use nesting factors, mixins and loops . As a consequence, that you can code and maintain your code clean, neat and simple to keep. The Sass or SCSS code that you write is subsequently compiled into normal CSS as browsers can not (yet) know Sass / SCSS.

Also have a peek at Compass, it’s a fantastic frame for Sass that contains heaps of reusable mixins… no longer memorising seller prefixes and vague pre-spec CSS3 fashions!


Grunt is. It’s a JavaScript task runner which lets you automate pretty much anything… minification, unit testing, compiling of Sass, code linting, picture compression, launch a node server, production of instruction, whatever you enjoy. There are lots of Grunt Plugins available that do the most frequent tasks so it’s not hard to begin.


Bootstrap provides you a choice of appealing, powerful and reusable fashions for your requirements. It features a lot more typography fashions, fashions for elements like switches and kind inputs and a grid program. Getting all websites looking exactly the same bootstrap is ideal for prototyping but do not use it for all we will wind up!


Bower is a package management tool that is front-end that you use your developer workflow in order to accelerate. It permits you to install their dependencies and packages on your project. No longer Googling for the most recent edition of jQuery, downloading it, unzipping it, copying it in your project . . Only: $ bower set up jquery


Yeoman makes utilizing Bower and Grunt much more easy. It lets you scaffold out a job promptly with a”Generator”. The Generator will produce a bare-bones (boilerplate) job structure, with specific libraries, frameworks, Grunt jobs and Bower dependencies pre-installed. Generators that are Various are offered for jobs. As an instance if you’re beginning a new AngularJS program, you’d use the Angular Generator and then operate $ yo angular and it’ll prepare the architecture, together with fundamental units evaluations, install AngularJS and Bootstrap (should you need it).


Jasmine is a framework for JavaScript code. You are able to use Jasmine run them with Karma then to write your own unit tests. Jasmine’s syntax is simple to comprehend and clear, yet strong.

If you would like to take things farther have a peek at Jest (from Facebook), then it’s developed on top of Jasmine, also provides a few extra amounts to Jasmine’s feature-set.


AngularJS is a MVC JavaScript frame – it permits you make highly testable net software and to expand the capacities of HTML. Angular includes just as much of this DOM manipulation is managed by the framework, data-binding which simplifies complicated application development. It’s (fairly) well recorded and there’s an active service community on Stack Overflow.


Karma (previously Testacular) is a frame agnostic test taker. You write your own unit tests as you grow, and you may check your code. Karma permits you to examine your code in browsers on devices that are actual or at PhantomJS. It’s absolutely worth watching the debut movie.

Back End Developer


Automapper is totally the very best frame to “copy” information from a thing into a DTO. Simple to use, extensible and quick it. A must.


It is a framework that helps programmers to perform Test-Driven Development by automating Test Fixture Installation that is non-relevant. Really I am not fond of TDD however Autofixture includes several attributes like Automock (useful if you alter regularly the constructor dependencies) and AutoMoqData which may help all programmers.


The majority of our program runs together with ASP.NET MVC, so it is really important to understand it. I believe that it’s fantastic execution of the MVC pattern, a frame, with a great deal of points, and it is used by us without issues in traffic endeavours. Naturally there are just a few things I do not enjoy of it (first of System.Web), but luckily the vNext will fix these”issues”.


ASP.NET Internet API is possibly the ideal solution if you understand ASP.NET MVC and also you do not have enough time to find out something else such as NancyFx, NodeJs etc; The strategy is quite like MVC (Controller + Action). Luckily it does not have the dependence to System.Web but it is a Length completely different from MVC and sometime you need to duplicate the identical code MVC and Internet API because the exact same interface/class has another namespace.


Nancy is a lightweight framework for constructing HTTP based solutions on .Net and Mono (yes it runs on linux and OSX). The difference between Internet and Nancy API is your strategy that is routing. It utilises lambdas to spot disagreements and paths. Useful if you can not set up on a Windows Server.

Common Logging

I enjoy this library. While I want to set up my own code side by side or I must use a frame that is particular, Shared Logging is the best answer. It’s an abstraction of different logging implementations such as Log4net, NLog, Enterprise library or anything you need (it’s possible to write your customised bridge). Like frameworks from the. NET world, this is a porting of a Java Framework (here more information ). Really helpful!

Windsor Container

Possibly the package I put in in a new job. I am really a Dependency Injection and Castle Windsor fits nicely with my requirements. It is quick, simple to use, all required life cycle and provides plenty of expansion stage (Interceptor, customised life cycle, factories and so forth ).

Service Stack

A very interesting pair of Frameworks. It Comprises ORM, a serializer, Redis customer and Service Clients. This pair of Frameworks matches perfectly. The tagline of this Framework is”Simplicity at Speed”. Here a Fantastic demonstration about ServiceStack and performances in. NET program


Quartz.NET is a project scheduling program for small or massive applications. Like Frequent Logging, this can be a porting in the Java job (here more information ). It gives work to be conduct by methods, from blueprint to calendar that is specific, or anything you enjoy. The wonderful thing is that may have a storage to your tasks (configurable SQL, Mongo, MySql…) quite helpful for scalable software.

Cache Cow

If you must answer to plenty of requests, caching is important. The very best method is to decrease the amount of functionality if answer and request are the exact same for the majority of the requests. Cache Cow is a design built with my Twitter buddy @aliostad also it delivers a simple approach to cache HTTP requests (both from server and client ) using WEB API. With few line of code, you may have a fantastic caching on your favourite storage (Redis, Azure Caching, Sql Server and so forth ).


Redis is a open source caching Framework that delivers an innovative Dictionary (key/value) storage. ) Lately it is available (as trailer ) additionally on Windows Azure (here that a fantastic informative article explains how to utilise redis with MVC and Azure). The Framework’s operation are excellent: it is fast, and it accessible on infrastructures that are dispersed. Likely it’s the optimal solution if you go at a program.


This is definitely the testing framework for. NET applications. It is used on plenty of those Frameworks cited in this article (MS Stack included). It’s support for Resharper, CodeRush Test Runner and Xamarin Exam Runner.

Sharp Tests Qualifications

It is a library created to wrap all of testing frame employing a syntax. Usually the testing frame do not change but sometime I want to copy my code or part into an program which uses NUnit or MS-Test. In this instance the only thing to do would be alter the Testing feature. 


Whether another Framework for real time software exists in I am not positive. NET world, but definitely SignalR it’s by far the most employed and well-known. Construct by exactly the exact same group of ASP.NET MVC / Internet API it provides several customers (iOS and Android using Xamarin, Windows 8 and Windows Phone) and it supports older browsers (with fallback of course forever-frame, polling and son on).

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