With 2018 now behind us, this will be the last article about what the most popular tech is of 2018, and this article will look at the most popular screen resolutions of 2018!

1. 360×640 – 18.75%

When you see a resolution this small being so popular, you may initially be very confused, and we wouldn’t blame you! The reason this is the most popular resolution is because it is the average resolution used on mobile devices, which makes more sense since mobile is extremely popular.

2. 1366×768 – 12.25%

coming second is 1366×768 with a market share of 12.25%, this is likely because this is the average resolution used on laptops, especially older models, which is extremely popular with causal users due to the portability factor.

3. 1920×1080 – 9.49%

Coming in third at a market share of 9.49%, 1920×1080 is thge most popular resolution for desktop computers, especially for people who have bought a modern machine or play games on their computer.

4. 375×667 – 4.79%

Coming in fourth is another mobile resolution: 375×667 with a market share of 4.79%, a very strange resolution to be so popular at nearly 5%, but there you go!

5. 1440×900 – 3.17%

The only 16:10 resolution in this list, and was a very popular resolution for gamers before 1920×1080 became the go to resolution for wide screen gaming and browsing. Monitors with this resolution are rare, but can be found cheap pre-owned, which when accounted for with people who just didn’t upgrade, makes a lot of sense to why this resolution still has such a relatively high market share.

And those are the most popular resolutions of 2018! Our next articles will be more generalised and likely more the news/tutorial route, this is just to allow some of 2019 to go on for a bit so we have accurate statistical data. We hope you enjoyed this article and have a prosperous 2019!

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